Guatemala Acatenango Quisaché

The region of the Acatenango Valley receives its name from its main topographical influence, the Acatenango Volcano, located in the mid-west part of Guatemala. The Acatenango Volcano is the 3rd highest peak in Central America, greatly influencing the terrain that's bathed every year in the ashes of the Volcan de Fuego (The Fire Volcano) one of the three active volcanoes in Guatemala, and protected from frost by the warm winds that blow from the Pacific Ocean throughout the high plains that stretch all the way to the Atitlán Volcano.

The Acatenango region is unique and traditional. Even though it is the newest of the Guatemala Coffee Regions to be recognized, it has been cultivating coffee for over a 100 years, creating a vast presence of coffee forest that nurtures small coffee plantations which bare the highest quality in every crop. Grapefruit, citrics, cherry, syrup, almonds, hazelnut and a creamy round mouth-feel describe best the coffee that grows in the many hills, slopes, valleys and difficult terrain of the approximately 5,300 hectares of the region.

This region's production is dominated by many small families such as the ones that have organized themselves as our producing unit in the village of Quisaché. Virtually unknown for its name, but solid when it comes to produce quality, this micro region is on the western front of the region. Trapped in a valley formed between the slope of the volcano and the steep descent towards the town of Acatenango. Halfway down the valley sits a small plateau where small shareholders farm coffee around the main farms of the area.

El Manantial, La Estancia, El Porvenir and La Providencia are the main farms owned and operated with the sons of Oswaldo Pérez; and along with neighbor, Ramiro De La Roca and his farm called Watashá, they contribute to the major part of the blend promoted under the name of this small corner of an otherwise extremely large region.

Cupping Notes: Clean and consistent, creamy body, sweet, complex with notes of pineapple, honey, melon, orange, cinnamon, and chocolate.


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