Guatemala Finca La Esperanza

Finca La Esperanza is located in the San Pedro Necta Municipality in the Huehuetenango region (4,500 feet and 5,500 feet). This area receives about 1,200 – 1,400 mm of rainfall annually and is protected from frost due to the dry and hot winds from the nearby Tehuantepec plain in Mexico. This region has many stream and rivers, which allows the farm to have its own wet mill. The farm is owned by Otto Rafael Herrera and is 13.42ha with Limestone soil and shade trees (Chalum and Inga) and an annual production of 1,500 qq.

TG-Lab is a coffee laboratory dedicated to the creation of specialty coffee and works with many local coffee producers to improve their coffee and bring it to North American markets. Their work is rooted in the principle of traceability, creating unique programs to engage with farms, and a financial model that allows farmers more control over the pricing and destinations of their coffee. One project that TG-Lab implements with some of their farmers is elevating the yield per hectare with new rust resistant varietals. Additionally, they have created a layout and spacing between the plants allowing more control with a better dosage of nutrition with new "ecologic box" (which are a 1x1x1 meter hole made next to each plant to collect foliage, retain water and moisture, and to prevent erosion in the Mountain.

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