Guatemala Las Moritas Honey


Las Moritas is a farm located in the county of San Antonio La Paz in the department of El Progreso in Guatemala. Part of the mountain range known as Sierra de Las Minas, Las Moritas goes from 1700 to 1900 meters in altitude. This is the highest non volcanic chain of mountains in Guatemala outside of the Huehuetenango Region. This farm is owned and operated by Don Higinio Gómez and his wife doña Aura, who were among the first visionary farmers to transition into coffee over forty years ago. The farm has an extension of 60 hectares where Borbon, Pache San Ramón and an assorted mix of unidentified yellow varietals grow under native forest shade. A micro climate of humid forest dominated by pine trees gives character to this new profile of coffee that we are recently starting to discover.




The Las Moritas Honey was processed at the Nueva Esperanza mill in Antigua, operated by TG Lab.

Cup Characteristics: Caramel, floral, almond, malty, rich, savory sweet, well balanced, good body



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