Guatemala San Antonio Organic

In 2005, the first 40 members were organized within the Coopertive San Antonio, also known as Cooperativa de Desarrollo Integral San Antonio Huista, RL. Between 2002 and 2008 they were trading coffee at market price between local buyers and big exporters in Huehuetenango. They became Organic certified in 2008.

TG Lab and Coop San Antonio began working together in 2011 to improve quality. The Lab started assessing quality in 2012 and for the next two years refining the lots presented by the Coop in order to find a better market. TG Lab began buying some of their coffee to roast under Mayaland Coffee in 2014 and finally
started promoting it last year to roasters visiting Guatemala.

Coffee from this coop is processed in the homes of its members with hand-powered depulpers. Coffee is then fermented, some of them have concrete fermentation tanks and some of them have buckets; washed and dried coffees are always at home. Coffee is then delivered at a warehouse in San Antonio, the point at which they consolidate lots into 100 bags of pergamino that are delivered to TG Labs warehouse in Huehuetenango in a repurposed school bus, which they call the "coffee bus".

Varietals vary between caturra, typicas, pache, borbón, castilla and anacafe14. Each plant has a square meter hole next to it in order to retain moisture and organic matter during the year. Most importantly, they are combining their coffee production with bees for honey.

Cupping Notes: Well balanced, creamy body, clean, delicate, bright acidity with soft fruit and chocolate flavors like red apple, orange juice, lemon-lime, dates and caramel

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