Honduras APROCASAM Fairtrade Organic

Honduras APROCASAM Fairtrade Organic is grown in Ocotepeque, a region on Honduras' western edge, bordering Guatemala and El Salvador. Historically, it's one of the country's most notable coffee-producing regions.

In Ocotepeque's central valley, smallholder producers have pooled their resources to create the cooperative organization Asociacion de Productores de Café San Marcos (APROCASAM). This central location, between the Güisayote Biological Reserve and the mountainous Celaque National Park, is not only ideal for organizing people, it also facilitates the production of a range of unique cup profiles. All around the valley, coffee is grown at high elevations, in fertile volcanic soil, with temperate weather and unique microclimates.

This APROCASAM coffee is washed in a traditional wet mill. As is common in Honduras, the coffee is dried on patios and in solar dryers. This allows for optimal quality control, as the solar dryers protect the coffee from heavy rains and potentially high-humidity environments.

Asociacion de Productores de Café San Marcos

APROCASAM was founded in 2018 with only 17 producer partners. Presently, its membership has grown to 144. This rapid growth is due to the cooperative’s success and is expected to continue.

Cooperative members are taught sustainable and environmentally friendly farm-management practices. They also receive technical assistance and commercialization benefits.

Cupping notes: Chocolate, nuts, tropical fruit. Delicate acidity, well balanced. 

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