Honduras BECAMO micro-lots

BECAMO S.A., recognized as one of the top coffee exporters in America, is located in the Santa Rosa de Copan region of Honduras. BECAMO was founded by Emilio Medina in 1983 and became part of the Nuemann Kaffee Gruppe in 1989 and has expanded to be the most advanced processing facility in Central America.

Becamo has helped many of these producers to diversify their production by raising their quality and production standards which has helped them to be far more competitive in the global market. Their mission statement is "We search for the best coffee producers, trees, and micro-climates in order to address key issues like quality consistency, human development and environmental accountability. With this conviction and through the use of strict guidelines, we promote the development of high quality attributes reaching out customer's needs."

Finca El Eden (Copantillo, San Andres Lempira region)

Producer Maria Josefa Ayala
Elevation 1,745 masl
Washed & semi-washed
Catuai, IHCAFE 90
Washed cupping notes: dark chocolate, sweet orange, fresh strawberry, raisin, citrus acidity, floral aroma
Semi-washed cupping notes: milk chocolate, sweet orange, hazelnut, caramel, lemon-lime, dry red fruit, bright acidity, creamy body

Maria Josefa Ayala is a lighthearted woman from La Caona, San Andrés. While her husband works in a nearby town, she is in charge of their estate farm. Mrs. María wakes up every day very early in the morning to get things in order at home and starts her full-time job as a coffee producer. While her kids are at school, she works very hard with the employees making sure everything at the farm is in the right order, when she’s not harvesting, she’s taking the right care of her plants to prepare them for next crop, and during harvesting season she picks the cherries along with her employees. Before her kids return from school, she prepares lunch so she can have some time with them at the table just before starting her second shift of the day. Mrs. Ayala enjoys going to training sessions and learning new protocols to use fermentation as a way to increase quality in the specialty product.

Finca El Pino (San Juan, Intibuca region)

Producer Juan Manuel Aguilar
Elevation 1,492 masl
Fully washed
Catuai, San Ramon
Cupping notes: red fruit, apricot, apple juice, almond, toffee, cinnamon, tangy acidity, creamy body

Juan is a 28 years old with a caring soul and can be noticed in his conversations. As Juan grew, he saw his mother work day to night to maintain a small coffee farm passed along by his father, which provided financing for food and education. Juan Manuel remembers he used to watch his mother struggle with a manual operation pulping machine since she wasn’t strong enough to easily move the machine’s wheel and wished to be big and strong enough to help his mother. In the afternoons after school, Juan went to the farm and cut all of the green coffee the cherry pickers left in the lower branches and practiced pulping them in his mother’s small and rustic pulping machine.

Finca Las Cuevitas (Las Moras, Poraera Lempira region)

Producer Jose Antonio Martinez Aleman
Elevation 1,452 masl
Fully washed
Catuai Rojo, IHCAFE 90
Cupping notes: dark chocolate, orange, medium body, citrus acidity

Don Jose was Born in 1965 in Las Moras a small town of the department of Lempira. He is been married for 20 years, has a child of 18 years old who is just as passionate about coffee. Finca Las Cuevitas has been a family business for many years. Nowadays Don Jose has been a coffee producer for 17 years, developing the knowledge every season because, every year its different he said. During the first years of farming he was also studding but he decided to focus just on coffee when he realized the benefits of growing coffee! The altitude (1452 masl), varieties (Catuai Rojo, Catuai Amarillo and Parainema) and his passion have kept Jose Antonio motivated since 2015. He's a very hard working coffee producer who is always interested in learning about new crop practices, soil and pest management.

Finca Los Manzanos (Rinconada, San Andres Lempira region)

Producer Jose Eusebio Aguilar
Elevation 1,818 masl
Fully washed
Caturra, IHCAFE 90
Cupping notes - lemon, fresh strawberry, milk chocolate, floral aroma, delicate body, juicy acidity

Born in La Caona, Lempira  in 1980, he is a farmer thanks to the guide and advice of his dad. 9 years ago he started with the idea of producing coffee and bought 1 mz, (0,7 Ha). His first plants were caturra, but after the attack of the coffee rust suffered in 2012, Jose Euseblo Aguilar decided to experiment with a new varietal, Ihcafe 90, which is more resistant to rust. With a lot of effort and hard work, he continues to buy land and produces more coffee every year. His family is always helping with all the labor needed.

Finca Ventura (San Luis Planes, Santa Barbara region)

Producer Rodrigo Ventura
Elevation 1,575 masl
Catuai, IHCAFE 90
Cupping notes: cranberry, lemon, buttery, bright acidity, creamy body

Born in Mercedes, Ocotepeque and resident of Santa Rosa de Copan proposed with his son to buy a property suitable for the production of special coffee which led them to acquire a property located in The Aldea Ojo de Aguita; Concepcion Sur department of Santa Bárbara. The property is at an approximate height of 1,601 masl, being the IHCAFE 90 variety the predominant and Lempira, Catuai in smaller scale and is located in the region called "Montecillos”. Located in the Mountain Santa Bárbara, area in which it has won 7 cup events of excellence nationally and that is always present in the first places of this event. Don Rodrigo Ventura has obtained special coffees greater than 85 points in SCA format in Natural, Semilavado and washed processes.

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