Honduras NKG Bloom Copan 

Honduras NKG Bloom Copan is named for the department in which it grows, along the country’s western edge bordering Guatemala. The sandy, loamy and clay soils of this mountainous region, coupled with the cool weather and high altitudes, create high-quality cherry.

This coffee is cultivated by smallholder farmers, using traditional methods passed down through generations, in the municipalities of Trinidad Copan, Concepcion, Santa Rosa, Veracruz and San Agustin. Specifically, this crop of NKG Bloom Copan comes from 116 smallholders, 23 percent of whom are women. It is a collection from the cooperatives Grano de Oro, APROCAN, Asociacion de Productores el Porvenir, Flores del café Moscarronal, APROCAF and Independientes San Jose.

The coffee was machine pulped, washed and dried on a combination of zarandas and patios.

NKG Bloom

This coffee comes from farmers who are participating in NKG Bloom, an initiative of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, implemented in Honduras through our sister company Becamo. Since 2002, Becamo has supported producers with need-specific programs from roya crop recovery to hurricane relief.

NKG Bloom offers producers access to resources and essential services — with the goal of helping them to run their farms at full potential and enter a pathway out of poverty. Specifically, NKG Bloom provides access to financing, high-quality fertilizers and other inputs, technical assistance, market access and seedlings. In terms of technical assistance, a dedicated Farmer Services Unit (FSU) includes agronomists who train producers in plant nutrition, pest and disease management, and the preparation of bio-fertilizers.

Additionally, NKG Bloom also offers access to ECOPIL seedlings and disease-resistant plant varieties, to ultimately improve producers’ productivity and profitability. Financial services are digitized and include both short- and long-term financing options for farmers and farmer groups.

Through NKG Bloom, the FSU team in Copan also recently created a water-filtration project to improve the quality of families' drinking water.

Cupping notes: Caramel, berries, nutty; delicate acidity, milky body.

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