Honduras COAGRICSAL Fairtrade Organic

In Western Honduras, the Agricultural Cooperative Cafetalera San Antonio Limited (COAGRICSAL) is an organization of coffee, cocoa and pepper producers that was formed in 1998 with 32 members. The group has since grown to more than 1,500 member families and continues to grow each year.

COAGRICSAL is committed to social and environment standards, and in the interests of its member families has worked to create jobs and social projects including community centers, water projects, school maintenance and the building of community centers, police stations and access roads.

The cooperative proudly meets Organic, Fairtrade, Coffee Practices and Utz certifications and offers guaranteed traceability and transparency into its administrative and financial management.

Processing Details

This coffee comes from approximately 300 COAGRICSAL producers who contributed to the Corozal collection center in Corozal, Trinidad, Santa Bárbara. The coffee was washed and dried—20 percent by producers on their own property, 30 percent on patios at the mill and approximately 50 percent in machine driers.

Cupping notes: Chocolate, tropical fruits; citric acidity, good body. Balanced and smooth.

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