Honduras El Otro Lado Washed

El Otro Lado farm is located at 5,144 feet above sea level in Dolores, Intibuca in Honduras. At this farm, Carlos Humberto Reyes produces Lempira, IH90, and Catuai.

Carlos grew up in vegetable production with his family, growing mostly beans and corn and selling them in the local market. Years later, he worked as a supervisor in a clothing factory outside of his hometown. Eventually, with his skills and resources, he purchased a quarter of hectare back in his hometown. His farm started small with varieties Ihcafe 90 and Lempira that he purchased from a neighbors' nursery. It has since grown to 2 hectares of full grown coffee plants and a quarter of hectare with young plants expected to harvest in the near future. Carlos is now a member of Becamo Specialty Coffee program where he remains dedicated to the production of his coffee and continues to produce high quality coffee.

Cupping notes: Raspberry, bright, chocolate, good citrus, cherry, orange, wine like

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