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In Greek mythology, Gea is the goddess of the Earth and the mother of all creation. Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) exporter Becamo created this regional blend from the coffees of more than 400 women producers and gave it a name that “embodies the determined spirit of women."

Women producers — whether because a partner has passed away or migrated, or out of a pure passion for coffee — absolutely seize the opportunities that coffee presents, says Becamo. They rise before dawn to care for children and elders and tend to housekeeping, all before heading to the fields. Women also create opportunities and resources for one another, lend a hand during harvest, offer advice and bring notable attention to the details in their drying and milling.

Becamo continues: “They have also shown their ability to take a rough patch of land and turn it into a successful coffee farm, in part by planting timber and fruit alongside coffee crops, to increase shade and soil moisture and to encourage microclimates that bring complexity and quality to the cup.”

This fully washed coffee was directly sourced from women producers in Lempira, Ocotepeque, Intibuca, Copan, La Paz, El Paraíso and Comayagua. Many of them were part of Becamo’s Recuperando mi Cafetal (RMC) program, which has since been expanded and is now part of NKG Bloom.

RMC was initially established in 2015 to support coffee families through the process of recovering from the rust epidemic. It pairs producers with agronomists who, in part, share best practices on plant nutrition, pest control, tissue management and the preparation of bio-fertilizers. Through NKG Bloom, those services have been expanded and paired with access to financing and traceability through mobile applications, among other benefits.

Honduras NKG Bloom Gea farms are at altitudes between 1,100 and 1,650 meters.  The producers use drying practices that include patios, solar dryers and raised beds.

Cupping notes: Floral, green grape, herbal; smooth body, juicy acidity.

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