Honduras Los Guamos Washed

Los Guamos farm is located in Chimis Mataras, San Sabastian in Honduras. Producer Maximino Vasquez produces Catuai, Lempira and Ihcafé 90 varietals at 6,135 feet above sea level with 0.70 full hectares of coffee production. He is experiementing with 70 hours of dry fermentation, from which he has discovered new aromas such as cocoa and cantaloupe and hopes to increase his specialty coffee volume in a few years.

Maximino is a skilled construction worker, with years worth of refined coffee knowledge. As a young man, he used to work as a coffee picker on his neighbor's farm, and continued to train in agriculture from NGOs during his free time. He built his first farm on a half acre in 1998 full of beans, corn and several vegetables. Shortly after, he began a coffee nursery with 1,800 plants using his previous experience. He still works in small construction in his spare time and plants vegetables for him and his family of ten.


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