Honduras Santa Isabel Washed

Santa Isabel is produced by Agrocafe in El Paraiso at 1,300-1,400 masl. With loamy - sandy soils, heights ranging between 1300 and 1400 meters above sea level in Finca Santa Isabel  and 97 hectares of producing coffee plants, minimum and maximum temperatures between 18 and 30 ° C, conditions are favoring for the production of high quality coffee with Catuai, Pacamara, Lempira and Parainema varieties. These agro-ecological conditions give rise to the micro basins where the Choluteca and Coco Segovia rivers are born and a great diversity of plants that serve as habitat for an immense variety of animals.

Agrocafe is an institution with great recognition in the Honduran coffee field, dedicated exclusively to coffee production with a socially sustainable production. With over 40 houses in its farm, it helps over 100 people with a permanent job, clean water, hygienic toilets, and electricity and employs over 600 people in their farms.

Agrocafe’s purpose is the production of high- quality coffee and other agricultural products,  with  efficiency, added value and responsibility, satisfying the demand of their clients and allowing to improve the living standards of the employees and their families.



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