Honduras Sierra de Agalta

Parque Nacional Sierra de Agalta is located in the Honduran state of Olancho, neighboring the Natural Park of “Sierra de Agalta” and the Biosphere of the “Rio Platano,” one of the most diverse and rich rain forest areas in Central America. In 1979, UNESCO declared it a Natural Reserve and World Heritage.

This project is focused on helping small-scale farmers with less than 5 hectares that are fully dependent on coffee, while preserving one of the most vulnerable rain forest areas in Honduras and Central America. Studies show the “Sierra de Agalta” region will experience a decrease in yearly precipitations and higher temperatures in the near future. This heavy contrast in weather patterns will eventually have a direct impact on the lives of the local small farmers and Honduras in general.

Cupping Notes

Citric acidity, Medium/High body, rich nutty flavor with pleasant after taste

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