Indonesia Java Jampit Estate

Java, an island created by volcanic activity and shaped by 38 mountains that form an east-west spine, is Indonesia's fifth-largest island and its most populous. Its mineral-rich soil greatly contributes to its natural bounty, and to visit is to marvel at its startling beauty, dynamic cultures and the warmth of its people.

Java Jampit Estate green coffee, despite the name given to it at its origin, doesn’t come from a single estate but from many coffee gardens on the Ijen Plateau, in eastern Java. This volcanic region is home to coffee plantations, wild civets, waterfalls, hot springs and the Ijen crater lake — the world’s largest acidic lake. Its turquoise water sits in stark contrast to the natural yellow sulfur that rises us around it and is mined by hand into wooden baskets from the crater floor.

The beginning of the coffee industry in Indonesia can be traced to the arrival of Arabica coffee on the shores of Java in 1699. Although Java's native farmers were the first to cultivate Arabica, it soon spread throughout the country’s provinces. And in 1712, the first exports of Indonesian coffee reached Amsterdam. Over the years, as exports have grown, so has the reputation of coffees from Java.

Cupping notes: Lemon, chocolate, cedar, toasted baguette, vanilla; light acidity, smooth body. 

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