Indonesia Organic Blue Flores A/WP-1 RFA


We are excited to bring in the Blue Flores. The island named "flower", is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands near Indonesia. “Blue” Flores, a rare Arabica specialty coffee, is produced by the small holding farmers of Bhajawa ethnicity living near the volcanic highlands of Inerie Volcano. The farmers of Bhajawa enthusiastically work together with the support of the government (ICCRI research program) and private exporter PT Indokom CitraPersada) to provide training at the farmer level, quality control, and marketing support.

Blue Flores Coffee is different than traditional Sumatran wet-hulled processing, by applying a full wash and ferment. The farmers selectively hand pick only red cherries, pulp, ferment 24-36 hours, wash, dry (35%), wet hull, and sun-dry (13%). The final sorting takes place once it is dried.

Cupping notes: Fruit forward, herbal spice, velvety body, savory citrus acidity. Very clean profile highlighting its flavor. 


A/WP = Arabica Wet Process.

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