Indonesia Sumatra Lintong Bagak Tabo G1

Visiting coffee farms and mills near Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Lintong "Bagak Tabo", meaning Beautiful Toba, is produced by 621 farmers in the highlands of Sumatra, near the famous Lake Toba. Preparation is done very selectively from harvesting and pulping the wet parchment in Lintong to additional quality processing and Green House drying at PT Menacom, NKG partner & exporter of the coffee.

Farmers handpick the red cherries which are then soaked in water and sent through a hand pulper. After pulping, the parchment is immediately washed to remove the muscilage and kept in plastic bags for the night. The next morning, the wet parchment is sun-dried inside a greenhouse or glasshouse patio to reduce the moisture to 30%. After hulling, they sun dry the green beans up to 16% moisture and then send it through the gravity table sievers.

Once the coffee arrives at Menacom’s warehouse in Medan, it is further processed into an export quality Grade 1 TP. Apart from Electronic Color Sorters, Menacom has a team of impressive ladies that run through each lot, sorting by hand. PT Menacom has been an exclusive buying partner of this farmer group since 1988 and offer support through teaching techniques to obtain better quality and to help them increase their production quantity. In addition to the use of Green Houses, PT Menacom also provides shade tree programs, as well as sanitary and water pump projects in their community.

Cup Characteristics
Clean, earthy, bell pepper, pipe tobacco, pine flavors with a winey lingering acidity, full and well balanced body.

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