Indonesia Sumatra Lintong Tornauli

Lintong Tornauli is a premium Arabica coffee produced and exported by CV Utama Sejahtera Agro (Utamagro) Coffee in Medan, in northern Sumatra.

Red cherry and parchment are sourced exclusively from a group of approximately 500 farmers, who farm 500 hectares of Arabica. The land is in Aek Nauli, a coffee-producing area in the Lintong Nihuta district.

The cherries are carefully sorted and processed at a mill in Tor Nauli. The mill also has a drying facility that can accommodate 20 tons of beans for sun drying.

In Medan, Utamagro has a huller, de-stoner, gravity table, color sorter and unit grader.

This coffee was processed in the wet-hulled style that is traditional in Indonesia.

We're very pleased with the quality of this single-origin Lintong, which cups beautifully and is an eye-catching turquoise green. This style of coffee can be difficult to find in the United States, due to its intense popularity in Japan.

Cupping notes: Dark chocolate, toffee, grapefruit; savory and bright.

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