Kenya Iyego Gatubu AA

In the Muranga District, near Muguru, in Kenya’s Central Province, the 1,150 members of the Iyego Cooperative grow coffee in small gardens with red, volcanic soil. Their plants flower during March and April and are ready for harvest between October and December.

The area is also known for growing tea, and for the indigenous trees that are well protected by the community.

The Iyego co-op was established in 1967, on 6 acres of land, to serve the villages of Kiairathe and Mihuti.

The Gatubu factory, or mill, washes and ferments the coffees with fresh river water before drying them on raised beds. It has also taken steps toward environmental conservation by initiating projects to recycle the waste water from its six soaking pits.

Cupping notes: Peach iced tea, soft chocolate, lemon, lime; delicate body.

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