Kenya Muramuki Kathangariri

Kathangariri factory is a washing station located in the northern part of Embu County.  Kathangariri is the only factory operated by Muramuki FCS.  Muramuki FCS used to be a part of a much larger operation called Central Ngadori FCS that they split from to be independent in 2000.  The proximity of this factory  to the forests at the foothills of Mr. Kenya brings regular visits from elephants, buffalo, and other wild animals.

The society rents out its premises to a cooperative bank to pay their overheads which results in the farmer getting a larger proportion of their sale proceeds.  The society also roasts their coffee and sells it at a local market.

This coffee is wet processed with fresh stream water, fermented, graded in water channels based on density, and then sun dried on raised beds to produce a profile of citrus acidity, tropical fruit, honey, and complexity.

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