Kenya Mutheka Muthuaini AB

The Muthuaini factory is located in Nyeri, on the southern part of Mt. Kenya.

Muthuaini is a Kikuyu phrase meaning (oh, dear) “a place with many ants.” And indeed, it’s famous for the ants that nearly destroyed everything, including a plantation of sugarcane. The ant hills were so long and large, they were reportedly visible from great distances.

However, the area was so fertile and ideal for farming, the residents had no intention of giving it up without a fight, and those ants are mostly now just a (shudder-inducing) memory.

At the mill, coffee is fermented in fresh water from the Thuta River and dried in the sun on raised beds.

Approximately 550 producers contributed to this coffee.

Cupping notes: Savory, sweet, well balanced. Rich, chocolatey body. Orange and brown sugar.

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