Kenya Iyego Gitura PB


The Iyego Farmers Cooperative Society is comprised of 1,150 members who grow coffee on small plots in red, volcanic soil. Located in the Muranga District near Muguru, Kenya’s Central Province, farmers grow SL 28, SL 34 and Ruiru 11 varietals. The area is also known for growing tea and for the indigenous trees that are well protected by the community.

The cooperative was established in 1967, on 6 acres of land, to serve the villages of Kiairathe and Mihuti. Cherries are brought from surrounding farms and gardens to the Gitura factory, where they’re pulped, fully washed with river water and then sun-dried on raised beds.

One of the major conservation projects at the factory is the six soak pits it created for waste water. After being used to wash cherries, water is deposited in the pits and allowed to soak back into the ground slowly.

Cupping notes: Grapefruit, passion fruit, sweet, good body, tight acidity, juicy. (9/27/18)

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