Kenya Baragwi Muchagara AA

This microlot comes directly from the Muchagara wet mill. Muchagara is a Kikuyu name for one of the villages in the Kirinyaga District. The mill was opened in 1959 and is used by nearly 500 members of the Baragwi co-op.

Cherries are fermented using fresh water from the nearby Kamweti River and sun-dried after extensive processing. The peaks of snow-capped Mt. Kenya are clearly visible from Muchagara, offering an incredible backdrop to the production of some exquisite coffees.

The Baragwi Farmers Co-op is named after the small village where it is located. It borders Ngariama and Njuki-ini to the East, Kabare and Kirima to the West, Mt. Kenya to the North and the Mwea Division to the south. Rich with volcanic soil, the region is recognized for producing coffees with the smooth body and dynamic acidity that make Kenya's coffees so unique.

The Baragwi Cooperative has more than 16,892 registered members who are drawn from the 12 wet mills that form the society. The society has 137 staff members, 31 of whom are women.

The Society’s head office is located at the Kianyaga market at the end of Kutus/Kianyaga tarmac road. The society was registered in October of 1953 to promote social economic interests of its members, processing and exporting coffee and access to better markets.

Cupping notes: Caramel, papaya, apricot, iced tea, tart acidity, delicate body, savory, herbal.

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