Kenya Ruthaka Muthuthui

The Muthuthiini Factory is located in the Nyeri District in the Southern part of Mt. Kenya and is part of the Ruthaka Farmer's Cooperative Society and serves about 750 small-holder farmers. The coffees are grown between 1,700 - 1,800m in rich volcanic sandy soil, are fully washed with fresh water from the Tana river and sundried on raised beds.

Muthuthi is a Kikuyu name that means "the palm tree" which is abundant in this area. The factory lies on top of a hill making it possible to view the snow-capped peaks of the famous Mt. Kenya.

Cupping Notes: Excellent fragrance and excellent balance, complex and creamy body, juicy acidity and flavors like honey, vanilla, pink grapefruit, lemon, tea rose, candy sweet, butterscotch finish and cools bright and juicy.

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