Kenya Rungeto Kiangoi

The Kiangoi factory is located in the Kirinyaga region and is part of the Rungeto Farmer's Cooperative Society and serves about 1,150 small producers who grow 810 tonnes of cherry per year in rich volcanic soil. The coffees are fully washed in fresh river water from Kii and sundried on raised beds.

The Rungeto Farmer's Cooperative Society opened in 1977 for coffee processing and was formed by the Kiangoi, Karimikui and Kii factories from the Kirinyaga region of Kenya. The factories in this society were recognised after liquidation of the famous Ngiriama Cooperative Society, inheriting their assets.

The Rungeto Farmer’s society also operates a dairy cooling plant and collects over 120,000 litres of milk a month and is a supplier to one of Kenya’s largest dairy product companies. This helps the farmers diversify their income base. Using Fairtrade premiums, the society has also set up a fuel station. The income allows the society to cover it’s overheads thereby increasing the farmers income.

Cupping Notes: Savory, sweet and complex with flavors such as cherry, vanilla and apple.

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