Mexico FEDESI SHG Fairtrade Organic

In 2016, six small coffee groups came together to form the Federación de Sociedades Cooperativas Cafetaleras de la Sierra Madre FC de RL (FEDESI). Their hope in coming together was to improve their access to new markets for production, financing and government support.

The producers are from Escuintla, Huixtla, Motozintla and Siltepec, in Chiapas — a region known for the quality of its coffees. (Motozintla, at 1,200 meters, and Siltepec, at 1,500 masl, are particularly celebrated.) Each producer farms at least 3 acres, and each has her or his own wet mill and dries the coffees on their own patios.

Together, the now 3,279 producers of FEDESI have produced 32,000 bags of certified Fairtrade Organic coffees. And together they have established a renovation program for their farms, built a nursery for young plans and offer trainings on leaf rust treatments.

The group is proud of what it has achieved and is pleased to be working closely with Exportadora de Café California — InterAmerican’s sister export company in Mexico.

Cupping notes: Citrus, chocolate, tropical; medium acidity, full body.

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