Mexico Chiapas FTO

The Mexican state of Chiapas is the world's leading exporter of organic coffee. The state produces 274,600 sacks of beans a year, 180,000 of which end up on export markets. The terrain of Chiapas is mountainous and jagged, but provides the perfect climate to grow coffee. The mixed farming system traditionally used by indigenous communities predominates. Most people living in this area are extremely poor and rely on coffee as a main source of income. With Fair Trade certification, farmers now have more access to higher-priced international coffee markets. These farmers say Fair Trade has helped create a positive cycle where families are able to invest in better farming practices, training's and workshops, which in turn increases production and efficiency.

Cupping Notes

Mexico FTO Chiapas is recognized for having a medium body, light to medium acidity, sweet, a hint of dark chocolate, balanced.

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