Mexico San Fernando SHG FTO

UNIÓN DE EJIDOS Y COMUNIDADES SAN FERNANDO (Union of Ejido and Communities San Fernando) is a community made up of 1,296 small organic coffee producers with approx. 4,635 hectares in four different regions; Center, Frailesca, Sierra, and Los Altos. With sustainability at its core, their overall goal is to improve the livelihood and productivity of its producers. The union was founded in 1984 by Mr. Ricardo Diaz, Alberto Zoma and Anuario Luis and began with 17 producers in three areas with the hopes of adding value to their coffee. Over time, they have invested in quality improvement which led to receiving their organic certificate, as well as generating an interest in other producers to join. They have since been recognized for their hard work and achievement throughout the years for establishing good quality coffee in 60 small communities.

Cupping Notes: Well balanced and sweet with fruit, honey and chocolate flavors

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