UCOAAC, meaning Union de Cafetaleros Organicos de Angel Albino Corzo, was founded in 1992 by a small group of producers and has since grown to 935 organic producers who produce, gather, certify and trade their coffee in the local and international markets. Their main objective is to improve living conditions through better and fair pricing. They currently have Naturland and Organic certifications.

Coffee from the UCOAAC comes from the high altitudes area of the Sierra Madre, bordering the biosphere reserve El Triunfo. The El Triunfo is the habitat of an endemic bird called the "El Quetzal" and is considered the most diverse evergreen forest in Mexico, and one of the most important sites for bird migration. It's full of endemic plants, and also number of threatened mammalian species can be found in the reserve such as Geoffroy's spider monkey, margay, jaguar and puma.

Cupping notes: Creamy body with notes of orange sherbert, caramel, vanilla and a sweet finish

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