Mexico NKG BLOOM Jaguar Siltepec

Mexico NKG Bloom Jaguar Siltepec comes from a small group of producers in Siltepec as well as the Frontera regions of Chiapas. This area is part of the Sierra Madre, bordering the biosphere El Trifuno — a tropical forest that accounts for 30 percent of the flora of Chiapas, and is home to a vast number of endemic species.

Cloud forest, high altitudes, rich soil and shade canopy produce coalesce in ideal coffee growing conditions —the same microclimate shared by the noted Huehuetenano region on just the other side of this mountain range.

The jaguar is the third largest feline in the world and one of the most emblematic species in Mexico, holding spiritual significance for indigenous Maya and Mexica. Producers in this region claim many sightings with the coffee plantations, the manifestation of a link between the producers, the land and their culture.

Mexico NKG Bloom Jaguar Siltepec is grown using sustainable practices, and is processed using handcrafted methods of local smallholders, such as hand depulping and wooden tank fermentation. Finally, they are washed and sundried on patios.

NKG Bloom

The producers contributing to Mexico NKG Bloom Jaguar Siltepec are enrolled in the NKG Bloom initiative, a global effort to end poverty in the coffee supply chain by empowering producers to run their farms at full potential.

The relationships behind NKG Bloom Mexico have deep roots. Many of the producers now enrolled in NKG Bloom had previous involvement in Por Más Café, a program created by NKG export company Exportadora de Café California (ECC) in 2014 to address the coffee rust crisis. Their effective work (benefiting 4,520 producers, renovating more than 5,300 hectares of coffee, financing $11.2 million U.S. with more than $34 million invested in farm renovations) made for a smooth transition to NKG Bloom.

NKG BLOOM offers producers custom service packages that may include financing, high-quality inputs, seedlings, agronomy and business training, information services, access to markets and new coffee technologies.

Please visit the ECC site to learn more about PMC, the official page of the initiative to learn more about NKG BLOOM, or this quick blog post to learn about how ECC inspired and informed the global NKG BLOOM effort.


Cupping notes: Stone fruit, grapefruit, vanilla, caramel; bright acidity, creamy body.

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