Mexico Kuali Organic

Mexico Kuali Organic comes to us from Chiapas, specifically the Frayalesca region. Fraylesca is considered the granary of Chiapas, known for its high livestock and agricultural production, including corn as well as coffee. The region is located between the flatlands of the Central Depression of Chiapas and the peaks of the Sierra Madre mountain chain. This rugged area is a warm, sub-humid micro-climate with stable temperatures. Mexico Kuali Organic is grown here at 900-1800 meters above sea level.

Mexico Kuali Organic undergoes meticulous sorting. The cherry is immersed in water to separate ripe from unripe or damaged. This process is repeated three times to ensure only the top quality makes it through. Cherry pulped the same day. This is done manually with a cylinder and disc pulper which is well calibrated to avoid damaging beans and to keep parchment intact. Pulped coffee is fermented within ten hours of being pulped. Fermentation time ranges from 15 to 24 hours. When complete, the coffee is washed three to four times, until the mucilage is detached. At this time coffee is further sorted, when floating damaged grains are skimmed away. Sound coffee is then moved to the drying patios where it dries appropriately five to ten days.

About the Cooperative

Comercializadora de Café y Granos Kuali de Chiapas SC de RL de CV, was formed September 22, 2020. Within their short existence they have made huge strides as a cooperative. Having conducted visits and compiled proposals ahead of time, they were able to file organic certification for 308 producers by November. By December, they finished their certification process and by February achieved the first official USDA-NOP, EU, LPO MEX certificate.

The organization is focused on collecting high quality coffee. To this end, they offer technical advice and farm management education to producer partners. During 2020-2021 harvest, prior to obtaining their organic certification, the group collected organic and conventional parchment. However, now certified, the 2021-2022 harvest has shown an increase in both producer members and parchment. As of October 2021, they have managed to certify 396 producers, all of whom are able to achieve higher premiums for their coffee.


Cupping notes: Citrus, caramel, nut, delicate acidity, round body. 

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