Mexico Topacio SHG EP

SHG EP Topacio is grown by small producers located in regions of Jaltenango and Villacorzo Chiapas of Mexico. These small producers hand-pulp their coffee and ferment it in little tanks before sun-drying them during harvest between January and April. Parchment coffee is stored in the Exportadora de Cafe California warehouse then prepared for exporting between February and July. A majority of coffee production in this area is dominated by small producers with an average farm size of 1,5 hectares with Bourbon and Arabic Tipica trees. Several micro climates with heavy humidity gives the coffee in this region a good acidity and a nice body.

Zones between 1,100 and 1,500 meters are rich in volcanic soil and have a good combination of sunlight, temperature and precipitation that provide the essential components for growing Strictly High Grown coffee. Some say this is where Mexico´s best coffee can be found and famous farms like Liquidambar, Prusia, and Custepeces played an important part in Mexico´s last century´s coffee history.

Cupping Notes: Bright acidity with citrus, chocolate and caramel notes.

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