Mexico UCIPA El Triunfo

Our UCIPA El Triunfo is an SHG Fancy Estate made up of Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon from the Biosphere Reserve El Triunfo between 1,100 - 1,250 meters. 80% of the UCIPA El Triunfo is over screen size 16 and is European prepared.

The producers are called Tzeltales, one of the main Mayan sub-groups who live in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. A strong cultural richness can be found in their clothing, social rituals and religion. Customs and traditions guide the community in some municipalities with ethnic populations such as Tzeltales. The Zapatista Movement brought education, medical assistance and collective development to the foundation of the municipalities in the Chiapas highlands. For the last 20 years, Exportadora de Cafe California has been working in this area, supporting the coffee producers with technical assistance, buying and promoting their coffee. They encourage and support the producers to renew all their plantations because of the belief that a major volume and better quality coffee will be better sold and directly impact the quality of life of its members.

UCIPA was established in 2000, with 24 founders from Pantelho with the goal to organize themselves in order to get better trading opportunities. Since then, UCIPA has expanded to Chenalho, Cancuc, Mitontic, Tenejapa and Simojovel. It is important to UCIPA that members apply specific standards set in the milling process, such as the fermentation time, selection of beans and drying processes.

Cupping Notes: Smooth and soft body, well balanced and sweet notes of lemon, floral, chocolate, brown sugar, orange, stonefruit, nutty, and nougat.

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