Mexico Washed Robusta Agata

Mexico Washed Robusta Agata is grown in the Soconusco area of Chiapas by Don Antonio Luttmann and his family on their farms Genova, Alianza and Independencia. This third-generation coffee family has an outstanding reputation and our sister company Exportadora de Café California is the exclusive exporter of their coffees.

Robusta is produced in significant quantities across states including Oaxaca, Veracruz and Puebla, though primarily in Chiapas. The majority of this variety is sold as unwashed Robusta. Washed Robusta is comparatively rare, and Mexico Washed Robusta Agata stands apart as a high-quality, clean and unique Robusta offering.


Harvesting takes place January through March. Ripe Robusta cherries are carefully separated and brought to Alianza farm, where the centralized modern wet mill is located. There, the coffee is pulped and washed. It is then patio dried for a few days and then transferred to drum dryers for final drying. Mexico Washed Robusta Agata is ready for shipment from March onward.

The Robusta beans are medium to large in size with very few defects. The initial quality of the coffee, combined with careful sorting and washing, produces a fine and delicate cup.

About Soconusco

This fertile region close to the Guatemalan border is nestled between the Sierra Madres and the Pacific Ocean. Historically, the native Aztec population produced cacao. However, smallpox destroyed the area after Spanish colonization. It remained virtually unpopulated for most of the 1800s. As a result, there was a complete lack of basic infrastructure. In the 1870s, small coffee plantations and rural landholders (most with farms varying from 5 to 300 hectares) drove growth in the region. By the turn of the century, Soconusco had become a major coffee producer and exporter, and it remains so today.

Flavor notes: Intense floral aroma, citric acidity, sweet, balanced and clean with a silky body.

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