2018 Kenya Microlots Headed for the East Coast

At the cupping lab in Nairobi, Kenya

A dozen or so microlots from Kenya are now afloat or being prepared for shipment. (Once they're afloat they'll appear on our Offerings list.) The following seven coffees may be of particular interest to our East Coast friends, as they're headed for the Continental Terminals in New Jersey.

As always, please feel free to reach out for samples or with questions—or to place an order! We're at traders.iacus@nkg.coffee.

AA Baragwi Muchagara
Savory, papaya, caramel; tart acidity, delicate body.

AA Baragwi Githiuriri
Honeysuckle, baking spice, chocolate; currant-like acidity, round body.

AB Barichu Gatomboya
Dark chocolate, coconut, green tea; winey. 

AB Thirikwa Gakuyuini
Milk chocolate, lemon-lime, sweet tomato; bright acidity.

AB Mutheka Muthuaini
Orange, brown sugar, chocolate; sweet, savory and balanced.

AB Kabare Karani
Lemonade, floral, berry; complex, rich body.

AB Thirirka Ndundu
Raspberry, cassis, milk chocolate; savory and complex, silky body.

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