Kenya Microlots Arriving Soon!

Kenya green coffee

Most coffee bios are now up on the site, and a handful of our selections have already sold out. Here's at at-a-glance list of what's still available and arriving soon—we're excited for you to try them!

AA Iyego Gatubu (P6128, 10 60kg, Annex)
Peach iced tea, soft chocolate, lemon; delicate body.

AA Baragwi Muchagara (P6121, 10 60kg, NJ; 6127, 15 60kg, Annex)
Caramel, papaya, apricot, iced tea; tart acidity, delicate body.

AA Baragwi Githiuriri (P6133, 5 60kg, Annex)
Honeysuckle, chocolate, baking spices; savory, currant-like acidity, round body.

PB Iyego Gitura (P6126, 7 60kg, Annex)
Peach, tangerine, dark chocolate; milky body, sweet and balanced.

AB Mutheka Muthuaini (P5865, 63 60kg, NJ)
Savory, sweet, well balanced. Rich, chocolatey body. Orange and brown sugar.

AB Kabare Karani (P5866, 83 60kg, NJ)
Complex, rich body, orange peel, lemonade, floral and berry

AB Baragwi Guama (P5894, 50 60kg, Annex)
Lively acidity, savory, creamy body, notes of melon and lime.

AB Baragwi Karumandi (P5901; 34 60kg, Annex)
Melon, Meyer lemon, chocolate; bright, juicy acidity, silky body.

AB Baragwi Muchagara (P6121, 10 60kg, NJ; P6127, 15 60kg, Annex)
Caramel, papaya, apricot, savory; tart acidity, delicate body.

AB Thirikwa Gakuyuini (P6131, 20 60kg, NJ)
Very bright acidity, balanced; milk chocolate, tomato, herbal, lemon-lime.

AB Barichu Gatomboya (P6120, 41 60kg, NJ)
Coconut, green tea, baking spice, dark chocolate, winey.

AB Thirirka Ndundu (P6118, 50 60kg, NJ)
Raspberry, lemon, black currant cassis; juicy, winey acidity, silky body, savory.


We're expecting May arrivals. For details, samples or to order, please email


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