Our Nicaragua FTO coffee comes from the Unión de Cooperativas de Servicios Múltiples (UCOSEMUN), which was founded in 1998 in Nueva Segovia by eight cooperatives with the purpose of improving the lives of small scale coffee farmers. Coffee is their largest export, but many of the cooperatives also produce corn, beans and cattle for the national market. Coffee from UCOSEMUN comes from three different regions: San Rafael, Murra and Quilalí, Nicaragua.

Since its inception, the cooperative has strived to increase their access to international markets, but producers were having difficulty exporting directly and were not receiving a fair price for their quality coffee. In 2008, UCOSEMUN decided to pursue Fair Trade certification and the cooperative has greatly benefited from Fair Trade's direct link to international markets.

Using Fair Trade premiums, the coop members have invested in their processing facilities in order to improve the quality of their product. By having new and improved technology farmers can produce a higher end bean and receive a better price, which in turn improves their livelihoods.

Cupping Notes

Sweet nutty flavor, sweet citric acidity, and a silky body.

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