Nicaragua Sacaclí Fairtrade Organic

Members of the Sacacli coffee cooperative

In Nicaragua, Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Sacaclí is a multi-service cooperative of small-scale vegetable and coffee farmers. Established in 1994, it now has more than 500 members in rural Jinotega.

The cooperative offers services including production, technical assistance, coffee nursery management, financial services and commercialization. It also offers social programs such as scholarships for the children of producers and support for funeral insurance. Members elect delegates who elect the board, ensuring representation and engagement, and decisions are made by members through general assemblies.

In recent years, Sacacli has been shifting to organic coffee production. It has assisted members on renovating their coffee plantations and working with skilled staff to improve harvests and operate more efficiently.

This Organic, Fairtrade and UTZ Certified coffee is shade grown using a system that features minimal management and no use of pesticides or herbicides. It is processed in a mill in UCA San Juan de Rio Coco where it is washed and patio dried.

Cupping notes: Chocolate, nuts, stone fruits; citric acidity, juicy body.

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