Nicaragua Tierra Madre

Tierra Madre is produced exclusively by women coffee producers in Jinotega, who receive a premium based on coffee that meets a high quality standard. In Jinotega, women only have 15% of land titles - key to accessing micro-credit loans for production and other economic activities which permits a better quality life. The premium assists women in Jinotega in obtaining legal title to their land.

Aldea Global began in 1992 with 22 farmers. Today, the Association assists over 2,000 families, most of which are Chorotega Indigenous Communities. Aldea Global offers organic shade-grown specialty coffees, which have provided the association with small farm loans, women's solidarity groups and the ability to produce other agriculture products such as fresh produce and beans. The association promotes sustainable management of natural resources, rural health clinics, installation of potable water filters and integrated pest management programs. The Association of small farmers facilitates the growth of profitable and sustainable businesses, promoting efficient commercialization and alternative credit services. Aldea Global helps farmers stay in harmony with their environment, while producing a profitable product for the marketplace.
Cupping Notes: caramel, toffee, lemon, tangerine, bright citrus

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