Panama Barú Indian High

Panama Barú Indian High Estate coffees are grown in the Boquete region of Western Panama. Barú Indian High Estate is one of several coffee farms located around the slopes of Volcan Barú near the Costa Rican border.

The Anselmito Estate was purchased by the Perez Balladares family around 1992-1993 from original property owners, the Watson family. It is located in the Horqueta region and offers Typica and Catuai varietals. Most of the trees were originally planted by the first owners. The estate has its own wellspring that runs throughout the area. The location offers breathtaking views of the Barú Volcano and the main square of the city of Boquete. It is also home to numerous wildlife species due to the large amount of shade given by the trees.

Cupping Notes

Classic Boquete profile: pointed and sparkling acidity, tobacco notes on finish, complex, winey, tart, melon, soft earthy note, caramel

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