Panama Finca San Sebastian

Panama San Sebastian comes from a family farm in Horqueta, Los Naranjos, Boquete. It’s run by Domingo Suárez, a third-generation coffee producer, and neighbors the farms of Domingo’s siblings Eira and Norberto, who run Finca Hortigal and La Gloria, respectively.

San Sebastian Estate is 19-plus hectares and has views of Volcán Barú—an active stratovolcano and the highest mountain in Panama.

The farm has been applying a methodical regime of high-quality fertilizer to nurture soil health and increase farm outputs, and the land — which includes a rich assortment of bird-attracting shade trees — is lush and thriving.

This coffee is picked by hand, washed, and dried on patios as well as in machines for consistency.

Cupping notes: Hibiscus, orange blossom, caramel; juicy, floral and sweet.



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