Papua New Guinea Aviamp A

Papua New Guinea Aviamp A comes to us from the Western Highlands Province, one of the most densely populated regions of the country. Despite numbers, communities are remote and roads practically nonexistent. Another seemingly contrary scenario is that while the economy of this region is based primarily on coffee, ninety nine percent of coffee is grown casually in family gardens. These "coffee gardens" are often comprised of fewer than 20 coffee trees grow alongside sustenance crops on less than one hectare of land. Consequently coffee from Papua New Guinea is a collection from many such smallholder producers. As a result, detailed information about the individual producers is limited. (Further reading on the nature of coffee in Papua New Guinea.)

Papua New Guinea Aviamp A can be distinguished by quality. The rigorous QC standards implemented by our sister company New Guinea Highlands Coffee Exports has distinguished this coffee as a repeatable standout year after year.

In the Western Highlands coffee grows at 1500+ meters above sea level across a variety of microclimates and soil types. It is collected and processed through centralized wet-mills. The coffee is fully washed and dried in the sun as well as mechanically. While classified as a grade A (screen size 16+) Papua New Guinea Aviamp A consistently delivers superior cup quality.


Cupping notes: Fruit forward, nectarine, sweet orange, marshmallow, savory; juicy acidity, slick body. 

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