Papua New Guinea Kigabah Estate

Our Kigabah Peaberry and AA come from the Kigabah Estate in Banz, in Papua New Guinea's Western Highlands. At altitudes up to 1,600 meters above sea level, and in nutrient-rich volcanic soil, coffee cherries are able to mature slowly, creating a dense bean and a complex flavor profile.

The Kigabah Estate was originally established in the 1960s by Australian farmers who were part of a development program run by the Australian government. By the 1980s, Papua New Guinea had achieved independence and reclaimed and returned land that had been taken from local farmers and tribesmen, resulting in numerous small parcels and coffee gardens.

Kigabah Estate is one of the few remaining large plots owned by non-indigenous people. In addition to producing some of the finest coffee in the region, the Kigabah Estate employs local communities and supports local schools and health centers.

Cupping notes (Kigabah PB): Caramel, milk chocolate, citrus, black tea.

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