Papua New Guinea Plantation A/X

Papua New Guinea produces coffees that are revered for their fascinating acidity and variety. Plus, the island itself is notable for its extraordinary, mountainous topography and the incredible cultural diversity of its thousands of indigenous groups.

Historical changes in infrastructure have reduced the number of centralized coffee plantations in Papua New Guinea. Today, many of its plantations are collections of “coffee gardens”— small plots of as few as 20 plants that are grown alongside subsistence crops. With new processing methods being introduced, these already-incredible coffees continue to increase in quality and consistency.

Papua New Guinea Plantation A/X is sourced from a variety of plantations in either the Eastern Highlands or Western Highlands, depending on where New Guinea Highlands, our sister export company in PNG, finds coffees it decides are idea for this lot.

The A grade, according to a new national system, means the cup is uniform, clean, “reasonably balanced,” and has a “pronounced body and acidity, [plus] rich and distinct fragrance and aroma.” The X means that the largest and smallest beans were left out of the sample for greater uniformity.

If you’re curious to learn more about Papua New Guinea and its coffees, InterAmerican Senior Vice President Kayd Whalen traveled there in 2019, and some quick takeaways from that trip are on our blog. You can also follow New Guinea Highlands on Instagram.

Cupping notes: Chocolate, stone fruit, walnuts; delicate, citric acidity, smooth, creamy body.

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