Peru Antaro Mareriaki Fairtrade Organic

Cooperativa Agraria Antaro Mareriaki (CAAM) was registered June 8, 2011 in Pichanaki, a city in the Chanchamayo Province in the region of Junín.

CAAM is a non-profit that’s comprised of producers with small- and medium-sized coffee plots in the central jungle of Peru. It was founded with a mission to improve the quality of life of its members and to contribute to their personal development, as well as to the development of the society. More specifically, it aims to improve coffee prices for members and enable them to receive advice regarding cup-quality improvements, environmental farm management and social issues including leadership and gender equality.

The CAAM mill provides members with the ability to dry coffees on its patios, in greenhouses and in guardiola dryers, to ensure consistent drying and high quality.

Food Security, Food Safety

This coffee is certified Fairtrade Organic. Members are also focused on maintaining organic family gardens to ensure their families' well-being. They’re encouraged to control for pests and diseases in a biological manner, without toxic ingredients, so that the soil and environment aren’t harmed and members can enjoy the full nutritional value of the vegetables. Additional income may also be earned through the sale of the organic produce.

Waste Treatment

CAAM is further focused on protecting the environment within the coffee production process. It created a system for reusing the coffee pulp generated in its wet-processing plant, and it created and validated a pilot system for treating the “honey water,” or waste water, that’s generated by washing beans. An effective treatment was created using microorganisms to reduce pollution in the water, as well as in the solid waste created by the wet mill.

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