Peru Café Montaña Fairtrade Organic

The Café Montaña Association is a non-profit coffee organization that was founded December 03, 2013 in the Pichanaki District of the Chanchamayo Province, in the region of Junín, Peru. It was established by eight coffee growers from the Shankivironi and Alto Kimiriki native communities in the Pichanaki and Perene districts, in the central jungle of Peru.

The association has a coffee-drying warehouse with six guardiola dryers, a quality-control lab and a truck for transferring the coffee.

Sustainable Practices, Sustainable Business

Café Montaña produces and exports high-quality specialty coffees with accredited certifications (including Fairtrade Organic). It also provides technical assistance and financing services for production, as well as training for the adoption of healthy practices in families. It consistently works to be a solid, competitive organization with a high level of socio-environmental responsibility. And it works to satisfy the needs of its members and the demands of its clients, as well as to create a better position for its members in national and international markets.

Café Montaña works to further the responsible use of natural resources, to strengthen the development of its coffee families and communities. Its producers are committed to sustainable practices and coffee-growing programs that protect ecosystems, people and wildlife. They've also learned to standardize around harvesting and management best practices, and the association provides incentives to encourage producers to achieve these goals and encourages buyers to support producers who make such efforts.

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