Peru Mishagro Fairtrade Organic

Mishagro coffee producers began working together in 2012 and registered themselves as a cooperative in 2018. Their establishing principles were responsible and respectful agriculture, a compromising spirit with one another and loyalty to the idea of ensuring the well-being of all members.

The producers live in the Chanchamayo, Satipo and Oxapampa provinces, in “the green cloak of our central jungle,” they say. Their production areas are in the hydrographic basins (or, watersheds) that flow in the protected forests of San Matías San Carlos and Pui Pui and create microclimates that benefit coffee production. The group has 164 members (64 of whom are women) and in total farms 551 hectares.

Their vision is to, by 2022, become a “solid and sustainable organization, a leader in the production of special and certified coffees and a staple in the central jungle.”

Mishagro: What’s In a Name?

While everyone knows about Kaldi and his goats, the Mishagro take their name from another legend. As the story goes, a celebrated indigenous fighter in the area had a pet who loved to eat coffee grains. The animal “expelled these” around the fire one night, and the incredible aroma so enchanted this individual that he was encouraged to cultivate coffee and became a dedicated coffee drinker. His pet’s name? Mishagro.

Cupping notes: Chocolate, nuts, spices, herbal, earthy; juicy body, delicate acidity.

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