Peru Sangareni G1 Organic

Peru Sangareni G1 Organic comes from the 318 producer members of Cooperativa Agraria Sangareni, in the province of Satipo, in Junin. The coffee is machine pulped, fermented 12 to 20 hours and then washed. Due to regular rainfall in the area, beans are dried on patios and then also in solar driers. Sangareni is proud to support its members in achieving UE NOP and COR Organic Certification, UTZ, Fairtrade and C.A.F.E. Practices.

Junin is one Peru's three main coffee-growing regions. The majority of coffee grown in this central region comes from two provinces: Chanchamayo and Satipo. These provinces sit in the natural meeting point of the mountains and the jungle, resulting in lush valleys and diverse microclimates.

Cooperativa Agraria Sangareni

Cooperativa Agraria Sangareni was founded in Satipo's Pangoa district. It was founded in 2004 with 32 members, and today is 318 members strong. The board of directors and managers are a proactive community, working to improve the quality of members' lives. Consequently, they work they do includes improving the image of the cooperative each year, in order to strengthen relationships with importers and finance members.

Since its inception, a major goal was to have cooperative-owned land where producers could dry their coffees. This dream was realized in 2010, thanks to the support of its partners and the PROCOMPITE and AGROBANCO Projects.

The Cooperative also played a major role in helping members rebound after losing 70 percent of their crop to coffee rust in 2012. Plantations were able to replant rust resistant varieties thanks to the established support of Sangareni's banking network. Steady improvement and growth have only further strengthened the cooperative’s financial network. As a result, it was able to build a second warehouse in 2021 with capacity for 10 containers.

Cupping notes: Toffee, dulce de leche, orange zest, cola.

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