Brazil Sitio Maranhao – Honey

Sitio Maranhão is a small family run farm in a mountainous micro-region of Caldas, Sur de Minas, Brazil. The owner, Jose Messias, has grown up working on farms in the area and became interested with the potential of using a small plot of his land to grow coffee with a specific focus on a higher quality. His idea was to produce the highest quality possible that would allow him to receive a better price and improve the livelihood of his family. With the help of his son Clayton they have been learning and applying techniques to reach the best potential of their land and coffee.

This Sitio Maranhão – Honey coffee offerings is the result of the hard work father & Son team. The care of each tree, the indigenous environment and meticulous attention to detail during processing are all coming together to produce a beautiful cup of coffee. It was dream realized for the Messias last year to sell coffee for export to the international market for the first time.

The cup is sweet, juicy and complex with notes of tangerine, peach, honey, spices, chocolate all with a creamy body that results in a very well-balanced cup.

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