Tanzania Sombezi Farmers Group

The Sombezi Farmers Group is made up of 61 members, with 23 small-coffee producers, in the Songwe / Mbozi region. Their coffee is grown between 1,550-1,700 meters in clay loam soil, then fully washed, fermented, dried on raised beds and hand-picked to remove defects.

We work closely with our sister company, Ibero Tanzania, to source high quality microlots from Southern Tanzania. Ibero Tanzania works currently work with 20 farmer groups in the Mbeya and Mbozi regions in Southern Tanzania. They help farmers set up and refurbish infrastructure required for processing the coffees. Ibero has a dedicated quality control person at each washing station. This person is responsible for training the farmers in post-harvest processing techniques and supervising all the post-harvest processing to ensure that quality is up to high standards. Ibero provides the farmers with working capital, fertilizers, inputs and training in agronomic practices.

In addition to working with farmer groups, Ibero also works with high schools in the region. Since the youth in Tanzania have very limited employment opportunities, they partner with schools to provide students with necessary skills and knowledge to earn a livelihood through coffee farming upon graduation.

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