Adrianne Burnap

A random fact about me: I placed First at a Cup Tasters Preliminary Competition.

Adrianne has worked in the coffee industry for her entire professional life. What started as a part-time job in high school grew into a lasting passion for coffee. While pursuing the quality control aspect of the industry, she gained roasting and cupping experience. Over the years, she also expanded her knowledge in other divisions of the coffee industry that include commercial, decaf, soluble, and specialty coffee. Today, Adrianne manages the flow of green coffee from its country of origin to its arrival in U.S. and Canadian warehouses.

She is a Houston native and graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown. Her other interests include photography, scrapbooking, gaming and reading.

My favorite work trip was: Costa Rica for a Quality Control Summit.

My first concert was: Selena at the Houston Rodeo.

My favorite coffee memory is: Judging the Brewer’s Cup at Nationals in Seattle 2018. The competitors' skills, to highlight the coffees' qualities, was really impressive! I enjoyed drinking their brews.



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